The Summit Host Hangout Podcast

Summit Host Hangout with Krista Miller

The Summit Host Hangout Podcast

The Summit Host Hangout Podcast with Krista Miller

Hey, I'm Krista and I'm so excited that you're here! Before hosting an online summit, I started out with a service-based business that I still run and love. But here’s the thing, running a service-based business that depends on hustling hard with client work is exhausting. It’s something that eventually started to wear me out and had me dreaming of fresh, new opportunities. Opportunities that would help bring in new leads and some extra income, if I was lucky. Hosting a summit was always something I was afraid to do. It had crossed my mind a few times, but the thought process went something like:

Me #1: Oh, an online summit would be fun!

Me #2: Who do you think you are to host an online summit? That’s only for influencers and there’s no way you could pull it off.

Me #1: Oh yeah, you’re right. Nevermind!

I had that conversation with myself on repeat for about a year. But one day, driving home in the car, I realized that I COULD do it. And with the encouragement of a coach and some friends, I did.